Humidity testing

Having a humidity chamber means Redtronic can simulate high and low humidity and temperatures to various standards including IEC 60068-2-38. Humidity simulation is important considering Redtronic products are used worldwide in extreme weather conditions. The data generated by humidity testing can be important in planning materials selection, assembly of the product and expected lifetime.

Water (IPX9)

Water testing (IPX9)

The primary purpose of water tests is to verify the integrity of enclosures, covers, and seals. IEC 60068-2-18 details the standards required and using Redtronics’ in-house water chamber ensures that Redtronic is providing customers with accurate IP ratings for all products. The water chamber enables Redtronic to test to IPx9K. It is common practice at Redtronic to randomly test production parts.

Dust testing (IP6X)

Dust testing (IP6X)

The dust chamber also allows us to provide customers accurate IP ratings relating to dust/dirt and particle ingress. It enables Redtronic to test to IP6xK. This test ensures that our products conform to various standards such as IEC 60068-2-68, BS EN 60529 & ISO 20653.


Vibration bench testing

The vibration test bench is used to simulate the vibration impact that a vibrating vehicle in service might be subjected to. The priority is to ensure the product remains intact and in a good structural condition for a prolonged period. The unit operates at a frequency rate of 60-300rpm with a simulation speed of 25-40 km/h. There are various standards for testing vibration such as IEC 60068-2-80 which helps reveal the accumulated effects of stress induced by vibration.


Sound/Audible output testing

All Redtronic audible devices, primarily sirens, are tested in our sound booth to ensure that they are providing the correct level of decibel output at the desired input voltage. All production models are tested for a minimum of 30 minutes to ensure reliability.