ISO 9001:2015

Redtronic is compliant and is certified to ISO9001:2015. This gives our customers the assurance that we have the ability to consistently provide products that meet both customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, whilst facilitating opportunities to enhance customer satisfaction.


UNECE R65 Class I(1) & Class II (2)

Redtronic certify most LED products to ECE R65 which provides assurances regarding the light intensity and wide angle characteristics of a vehicle warning light. Prior to official certification, Redtronic tests products in an onsite photometric dark room to guarantee products will pass. Most Redtronic products are either Class I or Class II certified. Where possible Redtronic strives to certify to Class II in both blue and amber. ECE R65 test results also involve various other assurances such as a bi-annual inspection from the certifying body.

UCA approval

UCA approval

The ‘Unidad de Certificación’ is a department within the Spanish Ministry, responsible for ensuring that the products approved to UNECE R65 photometric products are manufactured in accordance with guidelines in order to ensure Conformity of Production. Approval of this standard confirms that Redtronic have the appropriate test measures in place (such as photometric testing laboratory), to ensure all production parts meet the requirements of the R65 standard and that control procedures are in place.



All applicable Redtronic products are EMC/R10 approved. EMC/R10 tests for the electromagnetic compatibility of an electronic circuit. It ensures that products are within certain frequency thresholds and therefore unlikely to interfere with other products on the vehicle e.g. radio frequencies.

VCA approval

VCA approval

The Vehicle Certification Agency is an executive agency of the United Kingdom department for transport, and is the UK’s type approval authority. The audited approval assures our customers that we have Conformity of Production procedures in place to ensure we meet the desired quality and control standards necessary in order to provide a reliable product for use by professional vehicles requirements.

DEKRA speed tests

DEKRA speed tests

In conjunction with DEKRA proving ground, Redtronic performs high-speed and emergency braking tests for most temporary mounted (magnetic and suction) products. A successful test is usually performed in normal weather conditions and consists of a high-powered vehicle travelling up to speeds of 153mph / 247kph with no product movement. Variables such as wind velocity and air temperature are recorded.

Manufacturing Champions - University of Hudderfield

 Manufacturing ChampionsUniversity of Huddersfield

In October 2020, Redtronic was been successful in securing a position with the University of Huddersfield as part of their ‘Manufacturing Champions’ scheme. The ‘Manufacturing Champions’ group has been formed so manufacturing businesses across Calderdale can collaborate with the university to share expertise and consultancy services. Redtronic are excited to be part of the group and look forward to contributing towards a common goal of improvement and innovation therefore ultimately promoting and supporting growth of UK manufacturers.