Choosing A Lightbar

Essentially there are 5 models of lightbar within our range. It’s important to identify the features required from a lightbar. Selecting the right model can be complex, here’s some primary factors to consider:


Budget vs Brightness

Redtronic offers a number of budget lightbars. The cost of a lightbar directly relates to the number of LEDs. It is recommended to opt for minimum ECE R65 models such as SB1, FX1 & BS1 product codes if budget is important. If brightness is the primary requirement consider the Bullitt Advanced lightbar.


Height vs depth

Most customers state what height they require their lightbars. Taller vehicles will most likely require a deeper model such as the DSFX so the lightbar is properly visible in the surrounding area. Other applications will require the thinnest model such as the Bullitt designed for speed (aerodynamics) and/or discreteness. Brackets can also be used to adjust height.


Size Matters!

requirement (e.g. for a specific vehicle) bear in mind that Redtronic lightbars are available in different lengths across all 5 models. Identify the length required and cross reference with the lengths available. The Bullitt and LPFX lightbars have the most lengths available.


Built In Speakers & Sirens

Thanks to new technological advances we’re seeing a growing trend in customers opting for lightbars with inbuilt sirens & speakers. There are many reasons for this such as lack of space in the vehicle engine compartment as well as reducing installation time and therefore costs. If sirens and speakers are required you must opt for the Spartan or DSFX models.