Originally established in 1983, the company’s first product was a siren. The company remained small and specialised in the early years, predominately supplying and installing for UK & local emergency services.

An early defining and memorable moment was when the company transitioned from producing halogen lightbars with VAC formed lenses to injection mould tooling. Today, the company has approximately 77 injection mould tools which is continuously growing year on year.

Redtronic started its journey in Bradford (West Yorkshire, UK), it relocated to three different premises before moving to Halifax around 2005 where it appointed a new management team and the business drastically began to grow primarily due to innovation. Around the same time Redtronic discontinued its range of halogen and strobe products to invest in LED technology which the company considers key to it’s growth, reputation and existence today.

Between 2005-2006 the company transitioned from distributing auxiliary products and began designing and manufacturing own brand products specifically concentrating on LED product design to drive company innovation and compete with market leaders.

Today, Redtronic distributes own brand products to approximately 42 countries, employs over 50 people and is now considered one of the market leaders within the specialised part of industry. The company remains privately owned and all the team is excited to see what the future holds ...