The Spartan Lightbar

Redtronic, is a UK manufacturer of visual and audible warning systems leading the industry through innovative products for emergency and safety services. The Spartan lightbar from Redtronic is designed for many applications including emergency response vehicles in need of a premium warning device.

Featuring an aerodynamic slim profile design, R65 class II certification and 12 configurable length options, this lightbar offers a wide range of features to allow customisation for specific requirements and needs. Using the latest generation LED technology for single colour options along with our latest upgrade from dual-colour to tri-colour options with night & day (DIM) mode, and cruise mode behind our popular wide-angle FX optics.

Additional options include front and rear worklamps, take-down, alley lights, stop tail turn signal and central illumination with signage available to distinguish your lightbar. Built-in traffic director and built-in speaker/siren options are also available to push customisation needs beyond the limits. Synchronisation with other Redtronic products is also readily available. The Spartan lightbar comes with multiple lower and upper lens colour choices and is designed with 4mm ultra-strong UV stabilised lenses fixed to a strong durable aluminium base; this offers the best protection against large debris impact for when the job gets tough.

The Spartan lightbar is designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom, this not only means a premium high-quality product, but Redtronic is equipped with a vast offering of different customisation features so that the Spartan lightbar can be tailored to the customer’s specification enabling us to suit requirements for Emergency Services worldwide.

Michael Shaw, Product Manager at Redtronic highlights: “We are extremely proud of the Redtronic Spartan lightbar as we have designed it with the customers’ requirements in mind and made it customisable to suit any specific market need. At Redtronic, we are committed to delivering high quality innovative products into the market and The Spartan lightbar underlines this commitment.” 

In addition to the Spartan lightbar, multiple mounting options are available to cater for all vehicle types such as our standard universal footpack, gutter, high-profile, magnetic, suction, roof rail/bar and more. Redtronic also offer different connectivity solutions to control the Spartan lightbar which include our LINX Series (LINX4 & LINX6) handset, in hard-wired for permanent connection or cig-plug for when a temporary mounted solution is required. The LINX series handsets feature optional legends for customisation to the handset to easily identify the feature assigned to each output switch. The LINX6 also features a traffic director display so the vehicle operator can switch through functions and see which pattern is in play. Also available are quick-disconnect 7 & 12 pin connection harnesses and standard cig-plug connection with latching-latching or latching-momentary switches available and a triple switch option.

Redtronic are confident and proud at the performance and quality of the Spartan lightbar that we are continuously developing this product further to include more industry leading features and functionality for the near future, that is why it has been endorsed it with a 5-Year Warranty.

Police car with lightbar


The vehicle shown is a Skoda Octavia Estate, with a very high, custom specification Spartan lightbar, made to the customer and vehicle specific requirements. The vehicle also includes the industry leading blue LED Gecko stealth plate and neatly hidden away is our super compact, high output S20is electronic siren speaker with built in amplifier all of which are designed and manufactured in the UK. The vehicle build also boasts a new bespoke, technically advanced, fully monitored, climate controlled, twin kennel K9 unit. Converted at Pressfab EVO, in Bedfordshire, in collaboration with VW in Milton Keynes and their customer Northamptonshire Police.

For more information please contact Lee Foxall – Head of UK Sales, or Tel: 07388 103846, alternatively visit