Redtronic celebrates 40 years of innovation


2023 is a milestone year for Redtronic as it marks our 40th Anniversary. We will be celebrating throughout the year using our specially designed ’40 year’ logo to commemorate our anniversary.

A lot has changed over the last four decades from the way we work and communicate to the tools and technology we use to provide the best products and services possible, but one thing that has stood the test of time is our commitment to innovation and safety. Innovation is what we live and breathe at Redtronic, it is in our DNA. It is not just a warning signal; it is a lifesaving solution to millions of exceptional professionals worldwide.

Originally established in 1983, our first product was a siren. A new era dawned when a new management team was appointed in 2005 and the business drastically began to grow. By thinking differently to others and developing high quality, distinctive products Redtronic moved into the world of LEDs discontinuing our range of halogen and strobe products, which we consider the key to our growth, reputation, and existence today. We are extremely proud to be a UK manufacturer and a business who strive to introduce industry first solutions that resolve challenges with in the automotive market.

40 years is more than just a milestone, it is a celebration of what we have achieved as a business and a time to observe and thank our valued customers, employees, suppliers, and everyone in between for helping us to provide innovative, high quality, UK manufactured solutions to the emergency and safety services worldwide. Keep your eyes peeled throughout the year to see what celebrations we have in store.