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The Redtronic™ Mega-Flash™ Bullitt Basic light bar is ideal for users wanting a low-cost, aesthetically pleasing, reliable, flashing warning signal. It's options are fairly limited and only available from specific distributors. Most lightbars contain a total of 24 x latest generation 3W OSRAM LED's. Amber models are certified to ECE R65 class I. Blue models are certified to ECE R65 class II.


The aerodynamic design of the Bullitt Basic lightbar can be similarised to a vehicle spoiler and provides less air resistance and wind drag saving fuel and therefore reducing carbon footprint.


Bullitt Basic vs Advanced - What's the difference?

Although the Bullitt Basic and Advanced models looks similar that's where the similarity ends. The lenses are the same but the internal controls are completely different. Please contact Redtronic™ for further details.



LED Colours:



ECE R65: Class I (Amber)

ECE R65: Class II (Blue)



Voltage range: 11 - 30 Volts

Brand of LED: OSRAM

Lengths Available: From 55cm to 154mm +

IP Rating: IP54 (external) IP67 (internal)

Warranty: 5 Years

Aerodynamic resistance: 58.55 MPG

Standard Features: Pattern select, dim facility & synchronisation

Additional Options: None



Bullitt Basic Lightbar fixing methods

Wind Tunnel Testing (CFD Simulation) - Comparing all lightbars

Bullitt Basic Light bar



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